Acute is unique in offering a high-quality calling service allowing you to call and be called from anywhere around the world. Our business is specifically designed for global companies, and you can depend on Acute to provide and deliver your needs whatever they are, anywhere at anytime.

Voice Calls Like No Other

Our International Voice Services offers a complete voice termination service able to deliver high quality calls around the world. We’re uniquely positioned to offer competitive rates, worldwide connection points and access points to satisfy all your expectations.

Acute’s Voice Termination Services offer:

  •  High-quality Calls are set up quickly, efficiently.
  • Leverage transparent CLI delivery.
  • Multiple Termination Service Plans.
  • Flexible Billing.
  • Deploy seamless PSTN application support (fax).
  • Consolidate your needs with our global reach.
  • Excellent customer support available around the clock.

Worldwide Coverage

Acute’s uniquely international Voice Service allows your company to have a single global network delivering high-quality voice calls around the world.

Bespoke Solutions

Acute does not believe in a “one size fits all” strategy. We prefer to offer a customized solution for every one of our clients based on a competitive and flexible package. Through such a strategy our experts are able to put together a package that is best suited to your needs.

Brilliant Customer Support

We aim to deliver only the best possible service to all our clients. From the initial commercial setup that is fast and effective, right through to the supply of your technical needs, Acute is best positioned to deliver solutions when you need them, wherever you need them. If an issue ever arises, our customer service team is on standby 24/7 to assist as quickly and effectively as possible.