Acute’s contact Center Systems deliver solutions that change call center into Customer Management Networks.

New trends in call center technology are transforming the traditional call center into a multichannel contact center. These advancements integrate today’s wide range of media and data channels to create a unified contact center environment that includes:

  • Multichannel (voice, text chat, Web collaboration, e-mail, and video) services on converged networks
  • Business applications and CRM
  • IP networks and IP-based voice applications

 The system incorporates a comprehensive solution to assist in the integration of these technologies into your company and transform your call center into Customer Management Network.

The Call center System is built on an IP-based architecture that supports an expanding list of multichannel services aimed at enhancing customer’s experience.

Acute’s solution provides an IP-based call center system that enables the integration of inbound and outbound voice applications with Internet applications. This integration allows for unified capabilities, helping a single agent manage multiple interactions concurrently, regardless of which communications method customers choose.

Our services include planning, design, implementation, operation and management allowing you to benefit from the solution whilst focusing on your core business.

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