Our Cloud Based Hosted Contact Center provides intelligent inbound call routing and queuing, automated outbound dialing and synchronized screen pop ups. We support all your customer service objectives with routing strategies, including skills-based routing, as well as intelligent queuing, remote agent support and call monitoring, recording, etc.

The Contact Center infrastructure resides at our network, enables us to provide you services with the ability to handle changing call volumes without upgrading and maintaining equipment. The only primary equipment you need are an existing network, agent PCs and phones.

We implement, customize, host, manage all the rest of the equipment and its services. If your company is growing one, your contact center should grow along with it without any doubt. You may need to add more agents for a busy season, and then scale back. Our Cloud Based Contact Center platform is designed around a shared arrangement that allows for a call volume peaks and valleys additional infrastructure cost.

In addition, our infrastructure and network arrangements allows you to expand and scale all your workforce to a broader pool of skilled agents who work remotely, through our services.

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