Cloud and Virtualization Services

  • On Demand Virtualization

    Acute’s On Demand Virtualization Service is a flexible, cost-effective cloud computing solution that lets you instantly provision virtual machine servers, storage and network infrastructure on a flexible pay per use model.

    On demand virtualization offers administrator governance with tight accountability and cost management. Administrators can manage finances through spending limits and alerts, manage security through user access control, and manage collaborative projects with user-level budget controls and usage monitoring.

    Acute offers a variety of virtual machine configurations built according to CPU size and RAM. Choose from 1 core with 1GB RAM – ideal for a low-end web server – to 8 cores with 40GB RAM – perfect for a high-end database or high CPU applications.

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  • Virtualization Professional Services

    Acute offers an end-to-end consulting service for all your virtualization requirements ranging from Datacentre, Virtualization Management, Desktop Virtualization and Cloud Services. Our service offerings are based on expertise and tried & tested best practices allowing customers to realize the full value of virtualization for their IT infrastructure.

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  • Cloud Storage

    Acute networks provide you with scaleable storage for non-transaction data with a cloud-based storage solution to support your actual demands. Store fixed data that is infrequently accessed but still an asset to the business by enabling quick uploads to a delivery network available around the globe with Cloud Storage.

    Our platform is based on enterprise grade infrastructure and your data is protected by comprehensive control and security systems, ensuring your data is kept safe and accessible at all times. The platform’s flexibility allows you to move data in and out of the Cloud Storage platform through any method of your wish including a number of applications or APIs.

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  • Backup as a Service

    Acute can help you and your business to protect its valuable data. Our Service provides secure, reliable protection and quick information recovery and retrieval. We will automatically transfer data from your locations to off-site data centre over high secure high-speed network access options.

    Organizations that use on demand backup services definitely improve performance. Our solutions helps you to benefit from off-site data protection while taking advantage of usage based utilities to meet unlimited data growth.

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  • Desktop Virtualization

    Acute and their associates helps you to plan and to deploy your desktop virtualization solution, using methods designed to mitigate risks and accelerate all your move towards a cost effective desktop virtualization solution.

    Our complete range of professional and technical services are tailored to help you plan, build, and manage a robust Desktop Virtualization environment and ensure a smooth deployment at all levels including security and scalability.

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