Networking Equipments

1. Network Switches

While switching capabilities exist for several types of networks, Ethernet switches are the most common. High-performance network switches are widely used in corporate networks. Acute utilize different models of network switches that support different number of connected devices. These are sourced from certified manufacturers and are manufactured using finest quality components with high standards.

2. Networking Rack

Acute is offering a wide range of networking racks. We are providing these networking racks in various heights, widths and depths.

3. EPABX system

EPABX as a business phone system possesses a versatile range of functions. There are numerous tasks that can be performed by EPABX. Acute is providing this range of functions for our valued clients. We are pleasured to provide our client with EPABX system, which are made out of high quality raw materials and with the help of leading technologies. We are providing services with numerous other modern facilities and can be easily updated. We provide customization of services as per customer satisfaction and demand. We provide them in very affordable prices at patrons premises.

4. Routers

A router is an electronic device and/or software that connects at least two networks and forwards packets among them according to the information in the packet headers and routing tables. Routers are fundamental to the operation of the Internet and other complex networks. Routing, which is the moving of packets across networks using the most appropriate paths, occurs at the network layer of the OSI seven-layer model. This layer, which is the third from the bottom, is also responsible for addressing messages and translating logical addresses. Acute provides routing services in a cost effective manner.

5. Wireless Access Point

Wireless access points (APs or WAPs) are specially configured devices on wireless local area networks (WLANs). Acute is providing this service Access points act as a central transmitter and receiver of wireless radio signals including Wi-Fi. APs are most commonly used to support public and Acute is providing these services in reasonable costs.