IT Services

1. Managed Application

Acute’s custom Managed Application Services deliver a cost effective, low-risk solution to managing ever changing challenging application management requirements. We tailor our processes and apply techniques such as application portfolio assessment and reverse engineering, to ensure knowledge transfer is well-captured and documented.

Our remote management infrastructure ensures that we operate as an integral part of our customer’s setup, irrespective of time-zone difference and geographical locations.

Acute Managed Application Services include:

* Planning, design and deployment services
* Round the clock monitoring and application management with rigorous SLAs
* Hosting and Continuity Services
* Custom application design

Speak to us to learn how Acute can help to manage your applications in a better and more cost effective manner.

2. Networking Services

Design & Deployment

The proper design of a computer network is not always an ordinary task and requires detailed planning, analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance planning along with it. These critical elements can manifest themselves in seemingly infinite complexity.

Acute helps identify your network objectives, goals, difficulties, and determine your requirements for the short and long term while discussing with your needs.

We address your network security requirements, whether it’s protection from external threats to application level security and PCI DSS compliance. Our services cover all elements of networking, allowing you to focus on your business rather than your network.

Speak to us to discuss your requirements whatever it may be, We are here to help you.

Managed LAN

Today’s LAN environments require plenty of capital, hardware, software, and an array of resources for proper and efficient management. If you would rather focus on your business without worrying about the daily network operations and all that entails, you should consider our Managed LAN services.

Supported by industry-leading SLAs, we can provide a range of services from simple monitoring and reporting to complete outsourcing of your corporate network and data centre.

Speak to us to discuss your LAN Networking Requirements.

VPN Services

Acute offers a suite of VPN Services that give your remote offices, employees and remote users secure access to your central network. Our IP VPN Services allow for seamless integration of voice and data and video networks under one IP network infrastructure.

Our VPN solution give your mobile workforce secure, encrypted remote access to the resources on your Network and our experience gives you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your business.

Ethernet Over MPLS

Ethernet over MPLS (E_MPLS) for carriers offers layer-2 connectivity, that allows you to improve your bandwidth costs by building a virtual infrastructure between our partner PoPs or key Internet exchanges globally.

Acute facilitates E_MPLS by coordinating end-to-end, transparent, flexible connectivity to seamlessly transport your data over partner MPLS-enabled networks globally. This allows you to benefit from reliable, high performance Ethernet connectivity around the world across a number of Tier 1 carriers optical Internet backbones.

We make E_MPLS easy and our services let you reap the benefits of such connectivity without the provisioning or maintenance burden with a choice of fixed or usage based billing that best fits your needs.

Speak to us to discuss your Ethernet over MPLS requirements.

3. Wireless Connectivity

Our wireless solutions range from planning, design and implementation of wireless backhaul services for the telco industry, rural access broadband solutions, private wireless point to point and multipoint links, wireless bridges and advanced indoor wireless solutions.

Whether you’re looking for a solution for a cell tower backhaul or looking to extend your network between two buildings, Acute has the right tools to get you connected.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our Wireless Connectivity solutions.

4. Professional Consultancy Services

Acute’s Professional Consultancy Services can help your technology solutions deliver better business outcomes.

We offer engagements spanning IT, security, networking, communications, and mobility, delivered by a team of experts dedicated to helping businesses evaluate and adopt new technologies securely and effectively.

Our professional services reach across every phase of the solutions lifecycle including planning, design, implementation, operation and management.