Career Development is the lifelong process of managing, learning, work, leisure, and transitions in order to move toward a personally determined and evolving preferred future. Career Development knowledge, skills, and experience support your ability to create a meaningful life.
Career development acknowledges the complexity of people’s lives and the uncertainty of the world of work; it focuses on enabling people to develop the skills to manage these challenges, make good decision about their working lives, and maximize their contribution to the communities in which they live and work.
For individuals, career development incorporates a wide range of activities related to career planning and decision making.
In organizations, career development is an integral part of effective human resource management.

Seminars/ Invited Lectures

As a part of our service, we have given invited lectures to the educational institutions on trends in recent system security. So far we have conducted 3 invited lectures, and the focal themes of the lectures are system security, networking and job opportunities. We have organized more than 25 seminars at the college level to create technical exposure to the student in the current trend Hands-on Session

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    Today’s information professionals can pursue a wide range of career paths in a rapidly expanding field..

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    Career Development is the accumulation and cultivation of skills and knowledge that enable a professional to advance..

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  •   Courses

    Our programs are designed and directly linked to the needs of our students receive the right industry training and education..

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  •   Achievements

    3 students achieved 98% in RHCE certification.
    2 students achieved 100% in RHCE certification.
    With RHCE certification 4 got placed in MNC.

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